TeamSpan moves around the cloud. To succeed in creating a borderless connection with our customers, we provide IP-hosted services that can sustain our remote capabilities. We have the infrastructure that is parallel to the dynamic structure of your business, at a bargain. We have a robust disaster recovery plan that supports business continuity. Even with adverse circumstances, TeamSpan is always on.


We take information confidentiality seriously. We are always a hundred steps ahead of any security breach. Our security program is committed to the protection of your data, and product and customer information are restricted from unauthorized personnel. Best practices are implemented to ensure integrity and compliance; your business is in good hands.


We see talent as a business driver, and our talent pool has over a hundred years of shared experience in the outsourcing industry - we mean business. The TeamSpan work philosophy is simple: to work harder when faced with roadblocks. We inspire a culture of discipline and a can-do attitude that makes our team a stellar, extended partner to our customers.