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TeamSpan is a privately held workforce solutions company with offices in New York and Manila.
We specialize in building satellite workforce teams that deliver results at near parity, for a fraction of US costs.

Shrink the world to your needs.
Born in the new age of outsourcing where cloud computing and IP technology span geographic
and cultural distances, our capabilities allow remote teams to collaborate seamlessly.

Leverage your competition.
Our customer-centric approach to design and implementation delivers a low-cost solution, every time.
We streamline processes that are non-core, so you can focus on what you do best, while we take
care of the peripheral. Our clients experience 50% cost savings and 50% reduced turnaround time,
depending on the process.

Work with dedicated Brand Ambassadors.
TeamSpan hires specifically for your business - college educated, English-speaking associates.
We do not hire temps, rather fully dedicated Brand Ambassadors who understand the game plan:
to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

We are insanely passionate about creating value for our customers.

Our knowledge and shared experience across different industry verticals lead to an
increase in productivity and efficiency, contributing to our customer's bottom-line.

Vertical Expertise

Facilities Management
Online Retailer
Food and Beverage
Science and Technology
Financial and Banking
Architecture and Design



No one can show your customers love better than

we do. We can enrich customer experience by

personalizing our interactions with your customers.



Focus on Big Picture Goals, and let us take care of

your daily grind. We ensure that no tasks fall through

the cracks.



This is where quality meets customer satisfaction.

We manage internal and external records for a

digitized collection of your data.


To do whatever it takes to get the job done - this is the TeamSpan game plan.
Our team is committed to create sustainable value for both our customers and partners.

TeamSpan is a Certifield Diversity Supplier.



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